OberonHAP - don't read

As of today, we are allowed to admit that we have worked with Nordic Semiconductor for their HomeKit SDK ([url]News releases - Nordic - nordicsemi.com), which is based on our OberonHAP implementation. Which will soon become even smaller and faster btw, I’ve just updated the numbers.


Now, the only thing we need is a decent IDE for Nordic chips.

Aren’t those chips based upon Cortex M ?

And if so, does anybody know which ones exactly ?

@ .Peter. - M0.

@ Simon from Vilnius - I was hoping more info towards the used MCU , I was asking a bit to general, I guess. Any link you may have to more info about this ?


16 MHz Cortex-M0 with 32 KB RAM and 256 KB Flash.

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Interesting. What exactly would you want?

Our origins are in tool building, first for the Oberon language of course. While we don’t do that anymore, I’m still interested what developers want from their IDEs.

@ Cuno - Too bad, my fav IDE doesn’t support the nordics … :’(

@ Cuno -

What exactly would you want?

Well the dream would be Visual Studio and netmf.

We’re currently fighting some obscure VS/NETMF build & deploy problems in a commercial project - actually for several weeks now - so I’d shoot for more than that :wink: