Oberon Firmware on 32F429IDISCOVERY


I try to play around with my new STM board 32F429IDISCOVERY. Currently the .NET MF from here is installed on the device: Development Boards from Partners - STMicroelectronics

As far as I know this firmware is based on .NET MF 4.3. I would like to upgrade to version 4.3.1(QFE1) because all my current projects are based on them. Otherwise I have to downgrade all my projects.
Is there an official release for NETMF 4.3.1 QFE1 for my board? Can I use the version from the mountaineer group(http://www.mountaineer.org/resources/release-4-3-1-beta-3/)?

Both boards are based on the STM32F4 but according to the documentation I need the oberon boards to use their firmware.
Thanks for your help.


To the best of my knowledge, Oberon/CSA have an intent to release an open firmware for this device but there are/were a few outstanding issues that were still outstanding, and they had had no time to deal with that. @ Cuno may come along with an update here

The path of least resistance may be to flag this to ST and get them to update their port.

So I cannot build the firmware myself because the hardware depedent sources are not available?

you’d have to look at ST’s site to see if they opened the port. The Oberon port is intended to be open but doesn’t exist in a released format. That will be the best source for you, but only once it’s released !

Hm so I can do nothing to get the correct firmware which I need… :’(

No promises, we’re a wee bit busy as Justin would say, but I’ll try to look at it tomorrow…



Thank you very much. I’m keen on good news

Any updates for 4.3.1 for 32F429IDISCOVERY ?