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OBD II Module ?s


New to .NET Gageteer product line and have some questions about the OBDII module.
What firmware version is used by the ELM 327 in this module?
Can all of the mainboards use this module or only the non open-source products.
I see in the product image that it supports all OBDII protocols - are there any limitations - planning to use it with CAN.
Are there any limitations you are aware of in using this module - planning to embed in a couple race cars (2005+ Mustang GT, FR500 C/S, 1997+ Camaro and a few others)


Brian, welcome to the forum

There’s no premium-only requirement on this module, it uses simple UART communications. I can’t help on any other questions though, sorry.


For SAE1939 applications you just need a board with CAN support, nothing more.


@ Brett - thanks for the input on the mainboard.

David, we are planning to use CAN where possible but that won’t be our exclusive protocol - CAN gets us the S197 Mustangs but not the older cars (e.g. 3rd/4th gen Camaros and Mustangs) - we’ll need the other protocols there so the OBDII module with multi-protocol support would make prototyping simpler.

Any input on the module itself (particularly the firmware version) would be appreciated.