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NXT Mindstorm Wii Controller


As the title states, I took a NXT Mindstorm robot, and with a little work, I was able to control the robot through a Wii controller, through FEZ.

Here is the link to my project.

Here is my first official GHI Electronics project.
I work at GHI Electronics, and just started dabbling with .net microframework.

Please give me constructive criticism, everyone can use it :slight_smile:

Next build i will make everything into functions, rather than doing it all in main.

Video will be updated first thing in the morning, since my pc at home does not have a SD card reader from my camera!

Same thing goes for a picture.


I like to see the video.


Yes with no video no one would know how cool this is

Where is the video?


Uploading at this very moment :slight_smile:

EDIT: : : Online! Criticize away!!!


Cool stuff!!

I love robots :wink:


You didn’t have very even lighting during your filming

You didn’t make the robot flash all the LEDs

OK thats all I can think of :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, a great combination of the Wii remote project, and then linking the NXT stuff. I had always wondered about those controllers, obviously that is something you can link to another uC.

And it seems you and I might be up to the same place in our coding skills - single main program rules ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I love it when I know someone is not a programmer at all and was able to make things move with FEZ :smiley: A Horrible piece of code but it works :wink: Seriously, he knows nothing about electronics or programming :frowning:
Maybe one day our Robert would be a super programmer and can help everyone on this forum


This project is very interesting, however, I must question why not use the wireless remote. I Googled connecting a wireless Wii remote to a PC and sure enough found info about using a Bluetooth connector. There is also a C IDE for programming the NXT. Can’t remember for sure if it allowed working with the NXT Bluetooth but it probably did.

Another thing I was hoping to try someday is use the motors and sensors with the FEZ Domino. Once that is tackled, interfacing with the Wii wireless remote would then create an NXT copy cat essentially at a much lower cost and way more bells and whistles.

Too many dreams and not enough time to fullfill them…


Yes, NXT is very expensive, might be a good project for bec a fuel :slight_smile:

[quote]Too many dreams and not enough time to fullfill them[/quote]…

Yes, sounds very familiar :stuck_out_tongue: