NXP low-pin-count Cortex-M0 chips

These will be be perfect to use in daisy modules for Gadgeteer!


32-bit in a DIY friendly package!

Dip package ARM, been waiting for this for 5 years. Finally here!

DIP will be cool.

Breadboard ARM :slight_smile:

I hope the price will be right.

Digikey sells the existing packages at $2-$3, so these should be about the same.

They show up as “Development” in product status. How long does it usually take NXP to move from “Development” to “Production”. If anybody knows.

EDIT: Never mind. Found the answer in the press release:

[quote]Pricing and Availability
Recommended distribution unit pricing for 10,000 piece quantities is US $0.49 for the LPC1110FD20. Samples are available in November 2011. Additional information is available at http://www.nxp.com/products/microcontrollers/cortex_m0/lpc1100l/


Awesome :smiley:

49 cents! No wonder ARMs are in everything.

32K flash only :frowning:

I guess I will still have to wait fro another year or 2!

Yeah and some users asked why we used cortex-m0 on daisylink, now you know. ARM si the way to go.Plus we have the tools.

Woah … that is a lot of CPU to drive one LED. However, like you said you had the tools and they aren’t expensive …


You have 1Ghz processor in your pocket just to make phone calls :slight_smile: Why not? They are cheap and low power.