NuGet Package Support for new SITCore Development Boards

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I just received one of the new SITCore development boards from GHI, and am currently working through the getting started for TinyyCLR OS. I’ve run into a bit of a roadblock. After completing all of the necessary development environment setup, including the NuGet packages, I’m noticing that the SC20100 isn’t listed in the pins package, and because of that Visual Studio is throwing an error. This leads me to believe I must just have too old of a version, as SITCore is deploying as we speak. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on where I can find the newest verisons of the NuGet packages/otherwise fix this issue.

TinyClr.Pins package listing: Screenshot by Lightshot
Error in editor: Screenshot by Lightshot

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The first screen shot looks like Tinyclr os v1
You need v2

Ok that would make sense. Is that a firmware on board issue or a development environment issue? I confirmed that I have the latest firmware on the board.

You need to uninstall all TinyCLR OS v1 bits and bobs.

Then install all v2 goodies from here:

VSIX - v2.0.0-preview6

Libs - v2.0.0-preview6

TinyCLR Config - v2.0.0-preview6

Board firmware - v2.0.0.60000 (preview6)

BTW, with a preview release, you will have to host the nuget packages on your development machine.

@Justin @Mike Awesome, thanks for both of your suggestions. After installing the updated OS and libraries it’s blinking as it should. Couple of follow ups if you don’t mind. When hitting start in VS, is that the application that will be run on the board until “reflashed” as it were, coming from an STM side?

Hitting start or F5 compiles your C# code and beams it to the STM which then executes said code.

To be perfectly clear, it sends it to SITCore you get from GHI. STM you get from digikey and mouser and those do not work with VS.

Yes they do if you have Visual GDB installed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not TinyCLR :wink:

Oh I just meant that once your application has been run through the VS interface, is that the process that will run on every startup until a new application has been run through VS? Or is deployment done differently

Once you deploy once it will always run

Yes, a deployment from VS is persistent.

I never installed V1. I only installed V2 but am still getting the same problem as op @njanne
I am just trying to get SCM20260D DEV to blink an LED before trying to move forward. I have been following the “Getting Started” documentation to a T but must have missed something. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am using Visual Studio 2019 Community edition.
I have all the required NuGet packages installed.
I have successfully created a TinyCLR application.
I copied and pasted the code from the “Getting Started” page and made sure the change to “SC20260.Gpio.PB0” for my specific board.
Question On the “Getting Started” page, is there a typo in the “OpenPin(SC20100.GpioPin.PB0)”?
Should it instead read “OpenPin(SC20100.GpioPin.PE11)”?


you mention both SC20100 and SC20260. Which board do you have? The LED pin should be printed next to the LED.

@Mike to be very specific, I am using the development board: SCM20260D Dev
I believe I mentioned this in my previous post. The code to reference the LED on this board would specifically be: OpenPin(SC20260.GpioPin.PB0) as stated on the Getting Started page here: Getting Started
At this moment, my VS states SC20260 does not exist in the current context. Please refer to attached screen capture below:

I am also going to list the references in case there is something I missed. I understand there are way too many references for just this small program but I wanted to ensure I had any references needed for future projects:

The only reason I mentioned the SC20100 in my previous post was to ask the question of whether or not there was a typo on the Getting Started page.

Please correct me if I misunderstand, following the Getting Started page, I will have installed v1 of TinyCLR OS and added v1 of the NuGet packages? I say this because it seems like all the packages for TinyCLR OS v2 are preview releases. If they are all preview releases, then I will need to host/install everything locally without utilizing the installer.

How would I go about doing this?
What I have done so far:

  1. Downloaded the Libraries v2.0.0 preview6
  2. Placed the zipped package in a folder
  3. Added this folder as a Package Source in the NuGet Package Manager
  4. Unzipped the contents of the zipped package to this folder

However, none of the nupkg are visible in my NuGet Package Manager:

I feel like I have missed a fundamental step somewhere. If I have, please point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help!

Try checking the prerelease checkbox?

The getting started is for the V1 production release.

It is assumed that if you are using a pre-release version you know how to use a local nuget source.


That was what I was missing. It may seem obvious, but for someone who is learning how to use NuGet from scratch, it is a lot to digest. I really appreciate your help!

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