nPower Peg - cool power source for my mobile Gadgeteer devices

I received my nPower Peg today and I already have it powering a small Gadgeteer project (testing the Seeed GPS module with a OLEDisplay, SD, button with a Spider) and its doing rather well powering that. I got the nPower Peg as I have some mobile Gadgeteer bio sensor devices I’m working on and the nPower Peg seemed like a perfect match for these experiments as the subject goes about their day they will be helping to power their devices, what could be better? I have a little blog entry here:

And if your interested you can visit to get more information about the nPower Peg, but its truly worthy of consideration.



Neat idea to use the kinetic energy to generate. It’s a little large for my projects, but on my bike ride to work I could probably generate some power!

Interesting. How lond does it last?

Thanks for sharing.

I was under the understanding that those little “Faraday” or “linear induction” generators couldn’t generate much current. How long would you have to shake it, I wonder, to charge up the 2000 mAh battery?

If you were riding to work, I would assume that a standard rub-against-the-tire generator would be much more efficient…

I will put together a simple accelerometer/GPS project and see how long it lasts as I’m interested in how best to orientate the device for maximum power generation while commuting on the train for example