Now this is small!

An amazing amount of computer in a USB Stick.

This is awsome! Unfortunately the are not selling them but looking for system integrators/OEM partners. This is their site:

Seen another one come by this week.
Those were white usb sticks and were doing the same.
I love those products!

what is the real use of these products ?

I don’t see exactly what is it for… could anybody explains better than the referenced site ?


Nicolas, Toulouse, France

Also this one is very small (credit card size):

Well my first idea for it was to plug it to a TV, connect to Wi-Fi and control what is displayed (control a presentation, make some app). Also connect a mouse via bluetooth and show a web app on meeting. the device is so small it cen be connected to the tv all the time and no extra space is needed (right now we are doing this with a PC in a mini case).