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Now this is a 'sensor'


A Real-Life Tricorder Is Now Available.

Does it really work?


From what i have heard yes it does. Not seen it in real life though but man does it look cool :slight_smile:


Blood pressure without a cuff is huge and this looks like a very cool sensor, but the 2014 delivery date is kind of throwing me as I thought it would be sooner given the hype etc. A lot can change in almost a year.


@ kurtnelle -

I had to look up oximetry. I had NO idea what it meant…


Or with Gadgeteer in less then 10 minutes:

I’d love to be able to do a cuffless Blood Pressure with Gadgeteer.


Very cool. One day soon we’ll just stand in front of our XBox Kinect sensor and it’ll give all this information :smiley:


Xbox One will be able to get your pulse, but blood pressure is a little harder without a cuff and frankly I’m curious how this device does that if it only a single sensor (ie it doesn’t have a piece that connects elsewhere).


@ Duke Nukem -

Maybe something on this order.