Now that the cat is out of the bag

…or should I say Medusa:

When can we expect to see the new toys on the website? At this point, I’m thinking I might as well wait and order one of each. :whistle:

This week

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@ devhammer - Check the site it is live now:



I see someone really wanted to use the original Medusa drawing in its “full” form…

Out of curiosity, is the char display on the Roulette 1 or 2 lines?

Great job bringing all these in at $10/ea

@ devhammer - It is 8 x 1.

I hope you are not offended by it. :wink:

LOL. No, it takes a bit more than cheesecake to do that. The board is definitely SFW. :slight_smile:

I had some concerns about its use in one of GHI’s direct lines, but I’m thinking that with a name like Outrageous Circuits, there has to be something to get someone out there outraged, no?

@ devhammer - Indeed. ;D

One of these days I will post the circuits that we had to say no to!

@ Gary - Why wait?! Insider section?

Hmmm…sounds like a great insider thread to me… :whistle:

@ Architect @ devhammer - Remind me tomorrow and I will tell you the idea that started it all.

I heard about that idea. I sent Gus a private message suggesting a useful idea for it (yep, actually a little bit useful) in a rant today. Sort of a programmed distraction device.

I almost want to know what the rant was about! :open_mouth:

@ Gary - Check your inbox. ::slight_smile:


The Medusa Icon looks pretty nice. Is it a set of usb-powered LEDs? What does the Piezo do?

I don’t see any other interfaces, but wanted to double-check.

Nice bodge resistor in the photo :slight_smile:


@ Pete Brown - It’s a desktop LED Medusa that can double as a picture frame.

@ Gary - Somebody, teach Gary how to rotate images. ;D ;D ;D

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@ Architect - That’s our (me and the community) own little joke, the first few times, it was because it was new phone, I now just do it to aggravate a few people… :whistle: