Not upgrade Textblock

  public partial class Program
        static GHI.Glide.Display.Window Window;
        static GHI.Glide.UI.TextBlock Temp;

        void ProgramStarted()
            Window = GlideLoader.LoadWindow(Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.Window));
            Glide.FitToScreen = true;
            Glide.MainWindow = Window;
            GHI.Glide.UI.Button btnInfo = (GHI.Glide.UI.Button)Window.GetChildByName("btnInfo");

            Temp = (GHI.Glide.UI.TextBlock)Window.GetChildByName("lblTemp");

            btnInfo.TapEvent += new OnTap(btnInfo_TapEvent);

            Debug.Print("Program Started");

        static void btnInfo_TapEvent(object sender)
            Temp.Text = "000000000000";

text is inserted on top of an existing record

you must clear the textblock area before invalidating. see example from Glide source on Codeplex.

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Try this before you update the text and then invalidate it