Not a big card player, but

I found Kickstarter is a great place to get a nice “limited edition” card deck. Makes a great present for the right person or a very nice stocking stuffer.

These are the two I got recently. Very beautiful pieces of art.

Nice. Are those actually made by Bicycle or is that part of the “art”?

Both are produced by the US Playing Card Company. Bicycle is one of their brands. I guess when you put their brand name on your deck it is cheaper to make.

Few more that I am excited about:

Too bad I missed out on the Alice of Wonderland cards. My wife & daughter would of loved those.

The artist is local here in Virginia Beach. I have met him at Maker Faire. I will try to contact him and check if he has any extra decks.

Cool. Thanks!

It would be nice if he’d get his cards out to backers (which he hasn’t) before selling them a la carte on his site.

Only those with extras (t-shirts, etc.) are delayed. I haven’t received mine yet.

@ Architect - Thanks for the link. Wonder if they arrive in time for Christmas…

Except I only backed for cards and didn’t hear anything until I wrote him yesterday. No reason for delay was given and he told me he could ship “this week.”

It’s a little frustrating hearing he is selling them without having sent them out to all his backers.

I see your point. Sorry, I don’t know all the details about the delay.