Nordic NRF24L01+ between NETMF and ARDUINO

Well, for best practice I’m restarting from samples attached, since you are a “working case”.

I’ve some doubt on them:

How are speeds set on the two boards?
On arduino, setDataRate is not called directly, so it should have default value (1 MBPS).
On NETMF is called

            _module.Execute(Commands.W_REGISTER, Registers.RF_SETUP, new byte[] { (byte)(1 << Bits.RF_DR_LOW | 3 << Bits.RF_PWR) });

which seems to set datarate to 250KBPS (1 << Bits.RF_DR_LOW).

Is it correct?

Anyway I’m using an arduino pro mini (which should be similar to UNO, by hardware), and a G120, which should be similar to EMX module mounted on the FEZ Spider.