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Noob needs help figuring out components required


Hi all,

I want to build a system to read the caller ID data from a phone line, I understand that a lot of modems handle this and it can also be done using a serial port. I like the look of the top of the range FEZ Cobra but will I need a shield for a modem and can anyone help me choose a suitable one?

I also need IP access so ethernet is a must, but that is built in so should not be a problem.

An optional extra would be a colour touchscreen, can anyone recommend a particular model?

Thanks in advance



Any serial modem will output the caller ID serially when someone calls. Any fez can read that easily


Thanks, that helps. I can’t find a plain old fashioned serial modem that can be integrated with FEZ, is this because there isn’t one (it’s old tech)?

I didn’t want to go the route of an externally powered modem, but I might have to if there is nothing available.


I guess thats your only option…There are no modem shields.




Thanks chaps, I’ll go for that approach then. When I get experienced I can always add a caller ID chip on it’s own.