No virtual serial (com) port after Fez domino is connected

I have just recieved my fez domino and installed all the required downloads. Following the instructions, It seems that I need to update the firmware. MFDeploy picks up my device and I can Ping it and also get the device information.

ClrInfo.clrVersion: 4.1.2821.0
ClrInfo.clrVendorInfo: Microsoft Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rig
ClrInfo.targetFrameworkVersion: 4.1.2821.0

Basically following the tutorial is easy, the problem comes with the com port. The problem being that there is no serial ports on my machine :slight_smile:

I can’t see any under device manager nor can I see anything under TeraTerm of MFDeploy.

What I have tried:

  • I have installed and uninstalled the 64bit driver multiple times with no success.
  • Tried on another machine. Same problem (Both machines are 64 bit Windows 7)
  • Tried loading the 32 bit version but it fails to install
  • And obvoiusly I have restarted my machine a few times

Any ideas?

Does this help - YouTube

This is what I am trying to follow but in the tera term I need to connect to the serial port. But on my machine(s) there are no com ports listed.

Did you hold the LDR button the reset while keep on holding the LDR button? Then does windows ask for drivers? What do you see the your PC’s device manager?

So I did that, It automatically installed the driver (GHI Boot loader … ) for me and I got a new COM3 port open. I followed the rest of the instructions and it all went smoothly. Though I still do not have a serial communication after the update.

In device manager I have no serial ports. Only after pressing the LDR button does the following appear (See image)

I’m happy that the firmware is now up to date (i think). But I guess I still need that COM port for serial communication in the future, Right?

No, the serial is only there for firmware update and then it is a NETMF debug interface. But you can change it at runtime (only on GHI boards) to be a CDC device (serial)

Thanks Gus. I was able to deploy my first little program and it seems to work. I’m still not sure why that initial serial device did not register. But hey … if it works it works.

Thanks Again. (Amazing support in 1 hour)