No USB Connection

Hello I have a FEZ Raptor that I cannot get to communicate over USB for firmware update or Debugging. I am using the USB Client DP module plugged in to PORT 8, however when I connect the USB cable to my computer windows does not recognize any devices plugged in?

What Should I do?

@ ialastairhunter -

are you using any hub?

@ Dat - No I am not using a hub the Client is plugged directly into my laptop. I have also used a 5V Power adapter to provide power additional power to the board.

@ andre.m - Windows does not even detect that a USB device was plugged in.

@ andre.m - Yes If I plug only the USB Client DP module into my computer the red PWR LED is solid. Also when I connect the FEZ Raptor to the USB Client DP the red PWR LED on the FEZ Raptor board also goes solid red.

@ andre.m - The Client DP is connected to port 8 on the FEZ raptpr, The port is labeled with D and I. I have also tried connecting the Client DP module to another windows 7 laptop with the same results.

@ andre.m - Also I have tried connecting the module to the High powered USB port on my laptop with no success, I have also tried connecting it to the Power USB hub inside my Toshiba Dynadock. Both with no success.

@ andre.m - your assumption is correct

I go back to Andre’s earlier question, what does device manager show ?

But go further. With the device not connected, and system sounds turned on, does plugging the device in register the device connected sound ?

I’d also swap out the USB cable, as you may well have one that is intended only for charging (no data lines). I’d also swap the DP-to-Raptor cable after that; because of the LEDs being lit the power and GND are connected, but it’s possible the USB data lines aren’t.

Has this ever worked, or is it fresh out of a box ? Do you have any other netmf devices?

@ Brett - device manager shows no device even hidden devices shows nothing. Replacing the client DP module seemed to fix it. But now I am having issues upgrading the bootloader. The update.bat file just sits there for ever it never even erases the micro

@ Brett - I have a FEZ spider but I have considered it broken because the driver fails to load properly

upgrade batch file ? Hmm, just use Fez Config.

Please let us know what the device manager shows now you have used an alternate DP module. Please also check off your switch settings on the Spider itself.

@ ialastairhunter Take a look at this video by @ Duke Nukem.

It can take few minutes to finish (usually 3-5 minutes). If you closed the window before it done then it can be failed in next time.
Reset the pc or reinstall samba.