No USB at all

I am a newbie. Just received the Hydra main board and USB Client DP (1.3) today.

When I plug the USB into the PC, I do not even hear the “ding dong” sound when a USB device is plugged in. The other USB devices I use are working fine and I have confirmed the USB port is ok.

OS is Windows 7.

The connection is USB cable to USB Client DP (I assume both power and data is supplied via the USB connection and I do not require additional plug pack into the DC power socket).

I have connected the 10-way cable to port 1 of the Hydra mainboard.

The RED LED on power supply and Hydra are both ON and if I press the reset switch then the Green LED lights momentarily but absolutely no activity on the USB port

I have also installed the SDK’s and WINUSB drivers as per the setup guide.

Any help much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. Please try non WinUSB drivers with Hydra.

Thanks for the prompt response.
Do you have a quick step how to use non WINUSB drivers?

Also, in my experience, the windows OS always “ding dongs” when I plug usb devices into the port - even if no drivers are installed. This kit does not do that at all. It does not even appear to try to detect the device like it does for other usb devices.

I would try different Usb cable, port.

Different USB cable and port make no difference

@ orbitcoms -[quote] Do you have a quick step how to use non WINUSB drivers?[/quote]

Assuming you are using the very latest SDK (2013 R3).
Use control panel > programs and features to unistall GHI … USB … driver.
run Setup.exe that you used to install the SDK
unclick all the various packages in the install menu
select install Legacy Drivers, follow the prompts

On our web site Support>Documents>USB Drivers (choices, including WinUSB)
Also see: Support>Documents>NETMF and Gadgeteer Troubleshooting

Just re-read your orignal post. Do this first: as I recall the DP should connect to a D socket which I believe is socket 2 on hydra (I’m @ home so I can’t be sure). See the section on connecting modules ( )

Thank you, now it attaches and installs correctly.

I assumed Socket 1 from the Book I purchased (though it was for Fez Starter kit).

Please excuse my ignorance but where do I find the connection info (that we use a “D” socket) and is there a list of pins available for each of the sockets

@ orbitcoms - Here is the documentation about sockets:

I have an issue now where the unit has stopped responding.

Following steps to upgrade firmware I managed to get the firmware updated but after update it appears to not communicate any more (the USB attaches ok to PC but no communication with the FEZ config any more. I was not aware of interrupting the update process at any point. The error I see now is " Failure - Device is not connected or not responding." Re-boot and reset does not fix it.


  1. why did you update the firmware, had you previously?
  2. did you first update the loader, had you previously?
  3. Are you following the recipe/procedure that starts on ghi web site, follow [em]Support>Documents>Update Preparation: Loader (TinyBooter) and Firmware (TinyCLR)[/em]
  1. The guide stated it is important to ensure the latest firmware is installed. I have not previously updated the firmware as I only received the system today and just managed to connect to it for first time after your post.
  2. I rang FEZ config and did “Check Device for Update”. The dialog showed both CLR and Firmware were out of date (in red). I then selected Firmware Updater and it first installed CLR and then new firmware (green progress bar indicated progress. At the end it rebooted the device and then I lost communication.
  3. I was following the “Getting Started with .Net Gadgeteer” book and a link I went to earlier I think was followed from the usb driver page.

I’ll take a look at FEZ Config, we may not make it clear that, if you need to update the loader (TinyBooter), it should be done before updating the firmware (TinyCLR). You should follow the menu from my last post (item 3) to get yourself going again.

I went to the link and started with the Tiny CLR. Should I be following the steps to manually update using the SD card method first?

I cannot seem to do anything in FEZ Config due failed communication with mainboard. The status bar at bottom right states the correct name of device and says connected.
ie. “FEZ Hydra Gadgeteer is connected”

When diagnosing this type of issue, can you just show us an image of what you see in Device Manager? That often can show us at what point your device is at.

Fundamentally, you need to update the tinybooter first, and then the netmf firmware (the two of them need to be in sync - I think there’s something coming soon that will mean you won’t need to worry about bootloader in the future, but for now you need to do both). Since you haven’t done the bootloader yet, you should be still able to put the device in bootloader mode and update bootloader using the manual instructions.

You should follow the link below. Read the instructions carefully and follow them verbatim. As Brett says “you must update tinybooter first”

if anyway along the process you run into trouble,
[ol]please stop and take a screenshot,
Give us the URL of the page you were on. You will visit more than one web page as you work through the process, and some points you will be asked to follow a link and then return to the document which sent you off.
Tell us in which step of the document you were attempting to perform
Then post that information here[/ol]

we’ll (speaking for myself and assuming it’s true of the others) try to help.

The starting point:

Not sure about a Hydra but on my Raptor I installed the firmware first (I guess I did not follow the instructions)

However, I was able to update tinybooter anyway. (With help from Brett about a path to file error) .

The tinybooter loaded without issues once I had the path to the ProgramG400.bat file correct.

I have followed the manual update process as described on the page. This updated the TinyCLR and firmware. Am I ready to go now?

(ie. Put Boot.Bin onto SD card. Booted and waited 30 seconds, pressed reset and then let the HydraUpdator.exe do its thing.

Program reports TinyBootloader updated successfully ver
Firmware updated successfully ver

Just want to check this is ok before I break anything

Thanks for your help.

At least I now can get it back to known state if I muck it up.

Currently working through the tutorials to learn how to “talk” to the Breakout X1 module.

Try Breadboard x1

I already have the breadboard x1, also Ethernet, Temperature, SD, Display (N18) and 1 wire modules.

Just need to work through some tutorials and figure out how to talk to them.

As yet I cannot get the autocomplete showing options fr the button or leds when I attempt to write code (I have attached Breadboard X1 to port 6 of the hydra main board in the IDE (VB.Net 2010)