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No PWM enumeration value for LED output on a FEZ Panda?


In the beginner’s guide (and I’m truly a beginner), it shows how to specify which PWM port to use when creating an instance of the PWM class. In the example, they use the on-board LED. But in Visual Studio, I don’t see ‘LED’ as a valid enumeration value. Below is a screenshot of what I see in Object Explorer. You can see there are only 6 PWM ports and the LED output is not one of them. Can someone explain to me how to utilize the PWM capability of the LED output?


That example is for Domino. On Domino LED is connected to PWM capable pin on controller.
If you want to try PWM-LED with Panda you will need to hook up an external led and resistor to a PWM pin on Panda.


Good point, I updated the wiki


Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Thanks for the reply!