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No Power on COBRA with LCD


OK, another problem…my COBRA will not power up with the LCD connected. I have tried it with the USB and external power. When the LCD is NOT connected, it powers up just fine, WITH the LCS connected, I cannot get it to power up at all. Any thoughts?


Make sure the connector is seated properly, try a different power source or lab power if available. You can probe Vin to verify that current is reaching the board.


Did it work before?
Did you follow the flex cable attaching instructions mentioned on the LCD kit brochure. Be careful, attaching the flex cable in the opposite direction might damage the display.


I just now figured it out…arrrrg. You guys do a great job at most things, but tracking down some stuff can be a bit…uh…tough at times, sorry to say that… Finally figured out that it is reversed going into the LCD from the way it goes onto the board. Just a suggestion…the black and white connection PDF you have doesn’t really show this, I had to search for pictures, finally found them, but it wasn’t all that easy. again…you guys do a FANTASTIC job at development and most of your documentation, this is just one of those areas where it was a bit tough to figure it out.

At any rate, working well now…Thanks guy :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggestions. The LCD connector is something we are defiantly going to enhance as we already know it is not FEZ to use…we want everything to be extremely easy to use, FEZ :slight_smile:


Thanks again GUS…LOVIN’ FEZ, so new to all the micro framework stuff, trying to leverage my .Net years of work but a HUGE learning curve ahead of me…couldn’t even get started without the help from the folks here…and…of course…FEZ! :slight_smile: