No Output From The EMX Boot Loader

I am unable to update the TinyBooter on one of my EMX boards. I erased the flash then sent the GHI file. Because no bytes were being transferred, I eventually powered the board off/on. Now I am not getting any output from TeraTerm. Do I need to flash the GHI Loader itself? I have successfully performed the TinyBooter update several times on other boards.

Thank you.

I would first look in Device Manager to confirm the boot stage and that the device has correctly associated to a driver. You wan the COM port device to show up.

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I get a “USB Device Not Recognized” message, and the Device Manager lists the EMX as an “Unknown Device”. See attached image. However, I only have an issue with this particular module. All other boards are detected correctly, and the Device Manager has entry called “GHI Boot Loader Interface (COM5)” under “Ports (COM & LPT)”. I’m thinking this EMX might have a USB issue. Any suggestions on following steps?
Thank you again.