No internet at GHI's building

We lost internet yesterday and we still do not have it back! It is amazing how much we depend on internet.

If you ask questions, place orders or email us and we do not answer quickly, we apologies! Even our phone is VoIP so no phone for GHI today. I am glad at least website is up :slight_smile:

This is somewhat good, we worked too had last couple weeks shipping FEZ Spiders so we need this!

I knew it!!! Gus is not a mere mortal. The office has no connectivity yet he is still on he internet! So, now we know that “Did you upgrade your firmware???” at 2am is really his CLU half. :wink:

Enjoy the break!

Gus, just be honest when you take the plug out of the routers to have an excuse to head home to the wife and drink beer :smiley:

Just joking, hope you guys are online soon! :slight_smile:

So this is what the technician told me “Someone disconnected your cable by mistake”…I wanted to shoot myself :wall:

Don’t let the software guys near the hardware!

There’s a reason you keep that closet locked when things are working… :wink: