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No GHI.GameO.LowLevel for 4.3?


I just upgraded my Game-O to netmf 4.3 and realized that there is no GHI.GameO.LowLevel built for 4.3. Is there one in the making? or do i not need it any more?
Any help is appreciated.


What you’re looking for will now be in the GHI.Hardware assembly. Probably GHI.Processor for AddressSpace, RLP, etc.


I was trying to bring the Fez Game-O utility library up to 4.3 and it used some of the methods from GameO.LowLevel. I will take a look at the namespaces that you have mentioned.


So i have most of the classes in Game-O utilities working with 4.3 and new GHI dll’s but cant get the display initialization working. Can someone provide some guidance?
I just need a simple glide app working on the Game-O


@ Tanu - Sadly the display is no longer supported in the current 4.3 Cerberus firmware.


That is sad indeed. Game-O is not even 2 years old and already is an orphan. :frowning:


Any volunteers to to create an rlp drivers? We can share everything you need :wink:


Perhaps a volunteer can take the 4.2 firmware, strip out the unneeded functions from the Cerberus firmware and make a stand alone firmware that optimizes the Game-O’s hardware for a 4.3 release?


@ Aron - that is also am option but an RLP is much easier with same results.

An easier way would be a C# driver using registers but that would make it slow. Perhaps C# for initialization and things that do not require speed and then RLP for the one drawing routine.


For this interested in attempting to create an RLP or Register class based version, the following links are to the original 4.2 source for the display and should help you:


Can you provide us with the screen’s datasheet?


@ Tanu - Here it is:


Thanks Architect.