No FEZ panda mainboard in toolbar

hi i’m extremely new to .net micro framework and FEZ.

i’m using FEZ Panda II, i already install the SDK, NETMF. now i found that it’s working on visual C# 2010, but i can’t see FEZ Panda mainboard on the toolbox. there are FEZ Hydra and FEZ Spider only.

how can i update visual C# so the FEZ Panda appear on the toolbox

the “toolbar” is only for gadgeteer boards. Please start by reading the free ebooks we have here.

Get to the 1st page of the wiki and follow the guide.
It is extremely simple to get your 1st app running if you follow the right steps in the right order.
Just got me less than 1 hour to setup everything

ow i’m sorry for the stupid question, now i’m trying to make it blink