NiteLite Server for Raspberry Pi 2, Web Api, SignalR, Nlog

The project is still under development, but can be used to implement controllers, SignalR Hubs and to deliver static content. You have to install mono for the Raspberry Pi (Running Linux) and copy the files over to your PI. Just check the post-build events within the projects. Those are set to a custom share I created using samba on my PI. You should change them, or remove them. I will make that more flexible soon:

You can download the source on GitHub:


Here is how to install the latest Mono on a PI 2, running Linux:



Just did a quick ramp-up test with up to 200 concurrent users, using NiteLiteServer on a RPI2, here is the link to the PDF:


Not bad at all :slight_smile:

@ AWESOMEDEVSIGNER - Nice work, indeed !!!

Is a win-iot version in the makes already ?

@ .Peter. - Thanks :slight_smile: I have been experimenting with the Core CLR recently. The ARM parts seem to be in a very early state. It is possible to cross-build for ARM on your local machine and to copy over the packaged version (without source, no building on the PI) and to run that. I tried it with a console application. But it seems very slow (connection via PowerShell), even for a small console-application.

Here is a good blog-post that shows how to do that: