Nice view

view from our hotel room in Hoboken, NJ.

The tall building to the right is the new building going up at the World Trade Center stir.


Beautiful day!

Very nice! On vacation?

I worked for a while just down the road from there…

@ ianlee74 - we has a surprise birthday party for my wife. Our daughter booked us a room. We are now waiting for a ferry to take us back to Hoboken.

Last time I was back in NYC, there was just a massive hole in the ground.

Going to see Carlo’s?

@ mhectorgato - there is usually a two or three block line of people waiting to get Into the bakery. We used to go for coffee there before they became famous

Night shot

Me too. I didn’t realize the new building was so far along.

They just hoisted up the antenna and put it on a temp. mount. Not sure what the status is on the inside.

Isn’t that picture upside-down? :wink:

we had a wine tasting :slight_smile:

Lol, I hope the wine tasted great :slight_smile:

don’t remember! must have been great. :slight_smile: