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Nice litttle board on KS



saw that tweeted just a little while ago, it does look interesting. Didn’t check details, wonder if it’s open source design and if it’d be possible to Cerb-ise it


They use TI WiFi module (SPI), so shouldn’t be hard.


What amazes me the most is that it was launched today and it is already 400% funded.


I really like that TI CC3000… $12 on Digikey. Of course I’d need an oven to install them…

It’s great that it supports up to four sockets where the WiFly only gives you one.


It’s the WIZnet of WiFi, except that it’s reasonably priced…

The MCU they’re using is a 128K/32K M3, so it’s not going to run NETMF in its current state, but most likely a higher flash/ram MCU would just drop in and work.

Either way, they’re going to be writing code to interface with the CC3000, which could be pulled in to firmwares for other NETMF boards. We need a CC3000 module!


Thanks for the Post. But dang it, that is exactly the same thing i was working on.


@ VersaModule, KS it and we’ll jump on the bandwagon :slight_smile:


@ Brett, Thanks, They really did a good job on the promotion end. Which is what makes for great sales. It seems the only difference between theirs and ours is that mine has the web server built in. So you can access it via your local LAN and not need to go through a service.

-But, i may be wrong about that with them, its not clear to me yet on all the options they have.


I tried to play with Arduino board but I hated the lack of breakpoints and proper debugging so I ended up connecting a JTAG to the IO pins and and coding it direct. I can still use the Arduino libraries as long as I used AVR GCC (and that comes with Studio anyway) so I was still able to use the libraries etc.

I am glad to see that these guys have thought it through and included some way to using JTAG.

This is one of the reasons I love .NETMF, apart from the fact it uses C#, you can do real time debugging with break points so code testing is a breeze. I remember the old 6502 days with port probing and guessing :slight_smile:

This things looks good though but will have to see what the final price is when it becomes commercial.


Look at

It is a Arduino Board with Wireless IPv6, Zigbee and RF4ce



I completely agree. I bought one of the CC3000 modules a few months back with the intent to write a NETMF driver for it. It is a simple SPI interface. It’s probably even easier than the managed TCP/IP stack I wrote for the ENC28J60. All the source code is provided by TI. If you look at the HCI.h file, you’ll see all the commands. Looks like it covers all the basics. Also, it appears that the pairing can be done with NFC! This is a killer combo on both price and features.


I bought one too with the same intent but haven’t had time yet to open the box. :frowning: