NFC Reader Android

Hi, is it possible to use my android phone like NFC reader and send the data by usb to a USB Host Module and after save it on a SDCARD?
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I do not see why not but it is not straight forward.

I do not believe that Android…or any phones contain a built 8n RFID reader/writer, only a RFID “tag” that can be read by an RFID near-field reader/writer to identify the device. The reader/writer generates the RF field not the tag…at least for passive stuff like nfc.

Trying to use your phone to read other RFID tags would be like trying to use your chipped cat to scan someone’s passport. Both just have the “chip”.

Maybe some phones actually have rfid reading capabilities but that would be for a very specific market.

If you want to buy some hardware to drive with your phone…you could do that…there are some small rfid reader add ons somewhere I’m sure.

Modern Android and Windows smartphones include NFC read and write hardware.

Google says:
Android :
Windows phone :

Though iPhone6 does not include an energizing loop, only a loop for modulating an active reader (ApplePay) :

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@ mtylerjr - The NFC on Android can be thought of as being more like very short range Bluetooth. It’s used to transmit data between devices over a range of cm’s.

@ mcalsyn beat me to it with a far more detailed reply. :smiley:

Looks like I’m wrong again:)

I thought phone nfc was rfid nfc.

I didn’t realize they created a new thing. Got to keep up!