NFC experience

Anybody in FEZ land work (or play) with NFC hardware yet? I know it’s gaining more steam in EU than in the US so far, but it looks like it may finally be catching on here. Most smartphones don’t yet have an NFC chip (or it is not enabled), so I’ve been looking into alternatives. Turns out several manufacturers have come up with an NFC microSD card as a stopgap for phones. Unfortunately, these manufacturers are ignoring requests from “little guys” like us, and asking for exorbitant licensing $$ and huge volume.

Looking for feedback from folks who have developed against the standard, used it, or have brainstormed cool applications of this tech.

@ Gus and crew - obviously, NFC capable FEZes is a must have (gadgeteer module, eBlock, shield, or whatever).

I never seen a phone with NFC

I have one in my pocket ;D

List of NFC phones: List of NFC phones

@ architect - do you have every new gadget under the sun? ICS phones, Win8 tablets, who knows what the heck else…

I’m Seriously Jealous! An unlocked Nexus is $400 :frowning:

The perks of the job. ;D

What do you think the folks at Kroger would think if I walked in and paid with a Gadgeteer with a bunch of dangling modules and wires? Any bets on how long before someone yelled for Homeland Security?

Architect, what exactly is your job? You have entirely too much time to do fun stuff! :wink:

I wish. Non work related fun stuff happens in the evenings and weekends.

Company I work for:

I bet people are dieing to work on that project! :smiley: Morbid…but cool.

This one of the most used services. Good for fraud prevention.

@ ransomhall: Did you find some good and cheap NFC reader/writer? After quick search Im find one on sparkfun page:

But didn’t try it…

@ Dejan - Sparkfun’s does not have an antenna, which is more than half the battle with these things. To get maximum range you have to tune the antenna, which is beyond my skill level. I went with Adafruit’s board, which has the antenna right on the PCB.

Yes Im post link only for module but there is avalible also Evaluation Shield:

Are you talk about this model?

Yes. It arrived yesterday so I haven’t had time to play with it yet. I went with this one because it is on the supported list for libnfc, an OSS project,

[edit] Looks like there has not been any new releases in almost a year for libnfc, so I’m not sure what state the project is in currently. Hopefully, it’s good enough with not much left to implement from the NFC standard. This definitely needs a NETMF port. I’ll be busy for awhile on the XBee stuff, though.

@ ransomhall Were you able to get the nfc card working? I am looking into buying it

racamp101 - Welcome to the community.

If you define working as testing some RFID tags using the provided Arduino code on Adafruit’s site, then yes, it works. I have not ported that or the libnfc code to NETMF, however. NFC has not moved far enough up my project priority list yet. From a hardware perspective, it’s a great board, particularly because the antenna is very well tuned to get max range. You won’t find many low power RFID/NFC readers that will work at more than a couple of centimeters. This one goes out to 8-10cm. Please start a new thread if you have more questions.