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Next step in porting: DISC0-STM32F746


That’s not good news, graphics, and possibly UI, would be a significant advantage TinyCLR on Discovery (F7xx) boards.
But - in version 0.10.0 the graphics worked. Code copy to 0.12.0 generates the above problem - NotSupportedException.

GHI guys - try to consider the possibility of providing these functions for “unofficial” FW.


It is really not that hard to add drawing functions on managed side. In fact we already have the code running on the BrainPad. We will be sharing that code soon.


Here is some code for nanoFramework that looks like it could be ported easily.


Mhhh @dweaver that’s code for touch screen management. Anyway I do like native code for screens. I have some native code written for MMB (F4 & F7) and I will use as basic starting point for Disco’s, next weeks I’ll deep inside.
For the moment I love to use Nextion and 4D System displays, a very nice solution!