Next Big Project?

Alright guys, I need some ideas here!

I’ve put together a NETMF based PC, a BASIC interpreter, various GUIs, a game system and more one offs than I can count.

But what’s next? I’ve got a lot of boards and parts lying around. Hydra, Cobra I & II, ChipworkX, Panda II, Cerb40, Cerberus, and LCDs & modules enough for all. Give me some inspiration or suffer the consequences! :wink:

I am working on an electric accordion conversion. I have an old accordion hulk that works, but I am going to gut it and replace the reeds with electronics. Actually, i have some questions for you guys that I will post in another thread.

skweworks need to master RLP. You will be more dangerous if you do so :slight_smile:

QR Code decoder
Video playback
Native game engine

Yeah those are things I wish I had time to do :frowning:

Thom needs something really challenging. How about a prototype of SkyNet?

I do need something really challenging.

I’ve considered the RLP Playback & native graphics, they’re on the list. I’ve got about 11 ideas jotted down so far, nothing’s really jumping and out screaming MAKE ME yet.

A way to use solar power and light sensors to control street lights. With GHI modules of course…:slight_smile:

Native Kinect driver.


Wouldn’t that be awesome!

I’m liking the game engine idea.

Implement IFU on Hydra and/or Cerb*.

Implement USB Host on Cerb* (libopencm3 has a simple working example for Cerb* hardware).

Native+managed drivers for the timer hardware.

+1 for USB host on cerb. BTW, we had it partially working already but got busy finishing more important features in the SDK. So this will come from GHI sooner or later.

Several good ideas there!

I had thought about USB support myself, so perhaps I’ll order up a module to start testing.

For the game engine are we thinking finishing GameSlate or emulating ROMs?

I also thought about a library for handling printing.

Speaking of emulating. I have GB emulator about 70% done.


GameBoy (Z80)

Sweet! GameBoy emulator would rock

Yeah this project I am very excited about. All opcodes are done, now I want see something on the screen.

WOW. This would be amazing!

I think he’s already done that. :wink:

Now that would be cool. Pair it with a module that will accept and read GB cartridges and it’ll be super cool.