News about TinyCLR (2.0)

“Sharper focus” as in supporting a specific Cortex e.g. M7 ? or supporting a specific vendor chip e.g. STM32F7 ?

The WiFi chip was NRND early in 2018 - very unfortunate.

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As much as I hate doing this. We can’t disclose anything without an NDA and a good reason.

this is a bad news

seems nothing open source like TinyCLR 1.0

Sad, but I understand the difficulties GHI is facing … The market is very confusing, too many CPU/MCU, many (too many) standards, iot, security and whatever. Now it is difficult to focus on Cortex-Mx becouse any firm is only compatible on the paper.
Anyway it’s not a bad idea to focus on a specific mcu, like STM32 for example, it is a complete line of MCU and now is approaching also multi-core market (ok ST is starting now…:thinking:).

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We enjoy working with the community and getting support for every device however there are commercial customers that are paying the bills. We have to satisfy their commerical needs to continue our success story.


I would like to reiterate here that we are going to release more details about what is being done, For now, this info is only shared under NDA with commercial users. Please do not any assumptions just yet.

Of course, everything is still under our longevity policy so if you are a commercial customer you do not need to worry. Even better, get in touch with us and we can give you more insider info.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Justin You will be surprised to see what emails we receive! We are happy to help and disclose details if it helps a real need. Otherwise, it is better to wait to get the full announcement so there is no miscommunication.


So quite here …

Let start someone say something :smiley:


lol, I am just waiting for TLS on my G120’s and G400’s… they could be brought back from the dead!

So no news?
I’m warried for TinyClr: is it becoming depracated …:cold_sweat:?

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I think Gus has been reasonably open. The next phase will be quiet, and will take place in NDA-covered discussions only. That’s reflected in qhat you see here.

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Exactly what Brett said, sorry can’t share more.

I guess as long as we know ‘something’ is happening that’s the main point.

So all good!

Not something, everything :grinning:


We need to be patient!

Understand there maybe stuff in progress that for good reasons cant be discussed!
Fair enough!

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Suspense is killing me!

Have you joined the beta program and competed the paperwork?