Newly bought Hydra error not responding to ping or deploy

I received my Hydra yesterday, which is my first anything to do with .Net gadgeteer.
I have been through all of the setups and installations and connecting my Hydra with the USB Client SP Module (red one).
When I connect my device it is recognised however if I attempt to deploy or ping I receive an error.

Anyone have any clues as to what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance

My guess is that the devices resetting due to bad power source. Can you add a power pack? Or use a powered hub? Or try different USB ports on your PC?

Unfortunately I cannot try either of those suggestions…

So I assume you are suggesting that not enough or “dirty” power is being provided to the board which is causing my issues?


Can I ask that as you step through the process again that you show us how Device Manager changes? Seeing what device appears there may also assist.

But as Gus says, power is certainly a probable cause here. Many PCs don’t have enough power to run devices that draw a lot of power. You might be able to minimize the power the Hydra draws if you have other things connected to it, so disconnect everything except the bare bones USB SP module and try again.

Here is what is shown in my device manager when the device is connect.

I now have an self powered hub connected to the FEZ and still experiencing the same issues. I do not think this is down to a power issue.

The entry in DeviceManages Looks ok.
What does the VS property page Show?

VS? Visual Studio?

I will attach a screenshot, not sure how that will help?

Looks good too, what erros do you get on deploy?
In fact anything might be the Problem,
Started from bad USB cable to damaged board.

the error was in the bottom left of the last screenshot

but the error displayed within the errors window

“Error 1 Unable to communicate with device - USB:Gadgeteer”

I would recommend to Exchange all cables first.
Including the 10 pin Gadgeteer ribon cable of the USB Module.

I only have 2 10 pin ribbon cables, changing these does not make a difference to the outcome.

I have changed the USB cable several times with no success.

Is it possible I just have dud mainboard?

What is really frustrating is on first connect the device is recognised in the GHI “FEZ config” but when I attempt to “Ping” or “Check device for update” it then throws the error

"Failure - Device is not connected or not responding. 
There is no device connected or no response from device. Try to Reset or Re-connect your device."

I thought it would be so simple just buy the components and "plug-n-play"
really hoping I haven’t wasted £100. :frowning:

Hi Squirrel, so you have a Hydra.

I am sure once we get the firmware updated here you’ll get back to plug-and-play. We’re here to help make that happen!

The links I showed in the other thread will help. I think the LDR process for the hydra is documented in as “Method 2”. You basically need a small wire to go between those pins on bootup and then you get a different driver loaded and can deploy the firmware.

OK thanks for your help.

I will have to give it a go connecting these pins up and see if I can get it to work.

Unfortunately I don’t even have spare wires hanging around so I will have to source these before I can attempt to try that method.

no spare wire? How about a paperclip? A stapler that you can steal a staple from ? A fine Metallic pair of tweezers? Anything that can bridge two pins is all you need :slight_smile:

If I have no wire at Hand I sometimes use thesmall plastic ties by which new cabels are tied togeather. Usually the yhave a mettal wire inside.
Quick and dirty :smiley:

garbage bag or freezer bag ties are exactly the same, they have tiny tiny wire inside. Heck, even the tines of a fork are about the right spacing for this task, 0.2" apart on the breakout/extender header…


It is Christmas day for me :D:D:D:D

Manually resetting and rebooting it worked!!!

Thank you guys sooo much cannot tell you how relieved I am :D:D:D

awesome news. Now keep that wire handy in case you need it again :slight_smile: