Newhaven have sunlight readable 7" at 830 cd/m2

Just spotted this on the Newhaven website.

I am going to order a couple to try them out.

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requesting a status update please. I suspect my T43 is going to be a source of concern once I get it set up on my coffee roaster tomorrow, so an option like this might need to be investigated :slight_smile:

Got them and they work and look great. Needed to swap out the backlight driver to increase the current but it works well.

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Does your current current source (as opposed to your current currant source) not have enough oomph, and does that mean you don’t get best viewing in the sunlight?

How do you find the viewing angle? For me that may be a concern.

Which device are you using to control this display?


All I need to do was change the DRIVER IC and the current limit resistor and now the display works. The driver is pin compatible with the old one so a drop in replacement.

Here is ahead, above, below and sides. The display is actually very good in real life. Much better than the previous models. Sorry about the reflection from the main PC monitor on one of the side views.


oops I think I just wet my pants… and my credit card is in for a hiding.

The pictures don’t really showcase the sunlight readability of the device. I’m also interested because I’ve wanted a good sunlight display (of any kind) for my robot.

Why would a robot need to read a display? :wink:

@ ianlee74 -

So the robot can RTFM, I mean RHFM

H = His or Her :wink:

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No, I expect that my customers will want to use the robot outdoors. E.g. when they are at the airfield flying the RC planes and they need to make some parts that got broken or something, even under the tent they would need to see the display. I was toying with the idea of E-ink displays, but they aren’t touch screen. OLED’s aren’t large enough so LCDs it is.

It was to show the reading angle. I would need to take this outside to do the sunlight test and will try to do this during the week.


…and reading angle was what I was (equally) concerned about

I made the same test as Dave.

We use this sunlight screen for our new product, and the contrast is really better when we use it outside and with direct sun on it.

Before it was hardly readable with sun and now it is really better. I have no picture to show you the difference, but i think it is twice more readable with this sunlight screen.

We only use the screen without touchscreen. In the past, it really make a difference because the touchscreen film increases its opacity with UV exposition. After two years of exposition, the opacity was so high that it divides the readability by 2 or 3.

@ cmilllet - So the display is better in the sun?

@ Mr. John Smith - Yes ! a lot better in my opinion