Newbies check out

I did do a search for this, but it came up blank so if it was posted here before sorry.

I dont have a ton of free time these days so learning all this C3, VS2010 & .netmf is slow as molasses for me. Worse yet,because its so slow when i do mess with it i typically forget what i have learned weeks ago. Some other members here made mention about learning C# on Channel 9 site. I finally got around to watching the first 4 videos and i loved them. They helped me out far better than any C3 & .net books i bought. I loved them so much i bought the lifetime subscription and look forward to watching all 10 classes on the C# & .net. Check out These are the guys who posted that video series on channel 9 site.

If any of you like me, a newbie to C#, VS2010, .net i would encourage you to check this site out.
They do an awesome job of teaching this.

yeah isn’t that guy a great video trainer !

I just started day 3 of these videos. This guy is simply awesome!!! He has unlocked my problem of understating namespaces, classes & OOP! I just wish i would have found this first rather than wasting all that money on the books i bought, which did not do anything but add confusion and discouragement.

This site on learning C# should be a sticky on the forum

Of course, he has a binary clock on its shelves ;D ;D ;D

The same guy has the c# videos for free on Microsoft’s Channel 9.

FYI, They are not the same. When you buy the subscription there are over 21 hours of them.
whats listed on Channel 9 is just a taste of what he did. So far none of them that i have watched are the same as whats free on CH9.

Ok Thanks

Now all we need is GUS to make something of the same for porting .nermf :wink: