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Newbie Question re 4.3


I suspect that this is a stupid newbie question but here goes anyway…

I’ve upgraded the firmware in my new (it’s only a month old) Cobra II WiFi with extender to 4.3 and started a new 4.3 Gadgeteer project but the only Cobra board is the Eco and no extender! Does this mean that it’s pointless upgrading the firmware on these boards or I’m missing something basic here??


The Cobra II Eco board in Gadgeteer will work with the Cobra II WiFi, you’ll just have to manually handle WiFi like you would on any other board.

However, if you install the discontinued Gadgeteer modules SDK that we also released today, you will get the 4.3 driver for the Cobra II WiFi mainboard. The only thing it adds is automatic creation of the WiFi object.


I knew it was a stupid question :-[

Many thanks for the quick reply John