Newbie BT question

Hi, I’m looking at putting a bluetooth module on a usb device so I can capture a file from USB and then if a BT connected device asks for it, provide that over SPP/PAN.

I’m new to BT, so am wondering how much work is there in the pairing of the BT device to, say, a table or smartphone?

Thanks in advance.


Are you using any of the GHI products?

Welcome to the community.

By USB device, I meant a flash drive. So, one “side” of this would be a flash drive. The host would upload a file to the device (flash drive) and I would have some intermediate SW looking for the file to close (expected size, etc) and then trigger the file to be transferred (assuming a BT master existed (I presume the BT tranceiver would be the slave when pairing).

I plan to use either the panda board with a BT module or maybe one of the spider kits with a BT module as a development platform. Eventually, I’ll be looking to manufacture this in 5-10k quantities.


Bluetooth modules on the market only include SPP profile which is simply a wireless serial port.

You can accomplish what you need as long as you have an app on the other end to interpret the serial data.

you would have to do the integration of a BT module yourself to permit that, because as Gus says the Gadgeteer BT module only offers SPP which won’t achieve what you would like.

But pairing the device to a PC is easy :slight_smile:

I completely understand that we’d need to get the data on the other side. That part doesnt’ worry me to much as I can gen up a quickie protocol to get the file transferred.

How easy is the pairing over BT? Do I need to write the code to support that or is there a simple BT.pair() sort of command?

Pairing is not difficult. You can take a look at available methods today if you like.

Thanks, Gus. That’s actually the next question I had - where do I find the list of methods/API documentation for each module?

2 options

Look at source code or simply add the module to designer and inelisense will list them for you. Second is easier.

Also, F1 while highlighting the module will bring up the docs.