To be revealed in 3 minutes…

The new game “Quantum Break” for Xbox One looks very interesting!

I saw most of the presentation. Funny part is I watched it on XBOX with a Kinect so the speakers commanding my XBOX to do stuff I did not want it to.

@ Skewworks - lol!

So did you turn off Kinect?

Nah, I ended my lunch break and let Eve get back to playing her game :wink:


I watched the announcement. It all looks very good. My main question at this point is does it only work with Comcast or will I be able to use it with DirecTV? The new Kinect looks very impressive. Did I hear him correctly that it can now see your heart rate???

“but more impressive still are the Kinects tracking capabilities. Its now so sensitive that it can measure your pulse by monitoring pigmentation change in your face. (Its partially done via infrared light, which means it works regardless of skin tone.)”

double post

@ FireyFate - thanks for the link. The article style was as cool as the tech being discussed :slight_smile:

That almost answers my first question about satellite boxes. I wonder if they also have a solution in mind for browsing & changing channels. A simple IR repeater would work fine for me.

Yeah literally the coolest page layout I’ve ever seen on that article.

Well, I’m sure the HDMI will have CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). When I bought my TV last year, I was surprised that my new TV remote also controlled my Sony N200 Media Streamer and my 7.1 Receiver with zero additional setup.

TV gets commands via IR, then repeats them over the HDMI connection to the other devices. So the directional buttons, play pause stop, etc work like it’s native.

That’s what I’m hoping for. Controlling satellite set top boxes has historically been a royal PITA with 3rd party hardware, though. So, I’ll believe it when I see it :wink:

HDMI Pass through should work on all HDMI TV boxes, just the extra features like overlays and controlling the boxes may take time to reach other parts of the world from what I’ve heard so far.