New WiFi module, specifically made for direct connecting to phones and tablets

Want to move your robot using your phone? or use a tablet to read some physical measurements? This open source WiFi module has a built in Access Point allowing for a direct connection. This is not AdHoc, which is problematic on many mobile devices and tablets. This is a real access point. If the device has wifi then it will work with this module.

Our driver include HTTP server to get you to host webpages in no time. As this module is very capable, we also see many GHI and community improvements coming to this driver in the near future.

This module will work with any Gadgeteer mainboard, premium or open source.

We hope you will find this useful.


Excellent, I was just looking at some wifi solutions.

Cool, I want this, and when your FEZ Cerbot available?
I want buy both.

Does this support WiFi Direct, or just AP mode?

Kinda the new replacement for ad-hoc mode.

Very cool module!

Nice module.

The module shows that it requires a “K” socket but the docs say it requires a “U”. Which is it?

Please explain what this module gives that the Sparkfun WiFly module doesn’t. They appear to be based on the same chip but with a huge price difference.

It is U socket.

@ ianlee74,

Dose the Sparkfun RN-XV WiFly Module has the driver for AP mode ?
And where is the docs for GHI’s new WiFi module ?


I don’t know. I’ve been looking at it for the past year but I haven’t actually bought one yet. I know there are some folks here that have used it that can probably answer better.

All we have so far is what Gus posted above. Hopefully, someone can tell us why the GHI module would be preferred over a WiFly + XBee module.

WiFly only supports Ad Hoc, not AP. Also the only driver I know of for NETMF is the NETMFToolbox driver:

Ad Hoc isn’t implemented.

No, it says:

[quote]This module also supports connecting to an existing network but as of now, this is not supported. We only support direct connection between this WiFi module and another WiFi device[/quote] and I assume this means the RS module is capable of this, but the GHI module doesn’t support it.

Potentially, but history would say RN WiFi modules have been NDA protected even for datasheet access… plus you don’t know if the pin config is set to allow it, but can’t wait to see someone try!

I have bought it today.
Does this driver is already in the new SDK?

I just checked and the module driver seems to be included in the latest SDK.

Btw. I took a quick look through the manual for this device and it really is a nice device.

Web site:
Data Sheet:
User Manual:


I have been using this module for the last 1 ½ years now and I really like it!

Running it as an vehicle webserver (G120) against all types of clients, phones, laptops you name it.

Will be interesting to use GHI drivers.

The module also also do field update to it self :slight_smile: