New way to power electrical devices

Now I must find a way to get one!
Battery power is getting expensive.


So if I understand it, the device runs on nano scale movement as induced by heat? I.E. this device converts thermal energy directly to eletrical energy? If so, this changes everything.

wow, interesting one…
but high current from tiny movement, sounds a bit too good to be true… wonder what they mean by that?

Nice one idea!
It can be converted into another form.

High current might be 5 Mili Amps :slight_smile:

No mention of power, voltage, or current values in the article. Not a single number! But hey if it’s steady it’s steady! With the benefit of the doubt this tech may currently be able to power an LED… for forever… at 0 cost.

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Must be available to the common human being, but I think it take time