New Video Show with Pete Brown and Devhammer

Hey everyone,

In 3 hours, Pete Brown and I will be launching the pilot episode of a new video show we’re creating.

The show will cover all things geeky, both hardware and software, lots of micros, MIDI and Synthesizers, new and cool apps or dev tools, cool Kickstarter projects, and pretty much anything else Pete and I find that’s cool.

The show will be streamed LIVE on YouTube, and we’ll also record it for posterity, and will have it both on YT and on Channel 9 for later perusal.

We want YOU to participate, too. So at 3PM eastern time, please tune in at:

And feel free to ask questions, etc. in the comments.

We hope to make this fun and informative, and the more participation, the better!


What’s it going to be called? :wink:

How often do you expect it to air?

We don’t have a name yet (and we’re open to suggestions).

I think (will have to consult with Pete to be sure) that we are looking to do the show weekly.


Show #0 is in the can…you can watch the recorded version below:

Hmmm…YouTube embed seems to be failing, here’s the URL:

We still don’t have a name, and we’re open to suggestions.

And yes, there are some audio echo issues early on with my audio, which we figured out eventually.

Looking forward to the next one

But you ended up being out of lip sync with it.

Otherwise, this was a good listen during my morning coffee :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dave. Pete’s pretty sure he’s figured out how to fix the audio lag, so we’re hoping next week’s show will be more polished.

Glad you liked it despite the hiccups.

Good job, guys! Of course, today was a lot of talk about how the show works, bugs in audio, etc and not so much talk about gadgets. I’m looking forward to the next one after everything is worked out. We were having terrible problems with internet connectivity at the office during the live event. I may have to watch it again to see the parts I missed.

Is this an official Microsoft show or just something you two are doing on your own?

Definitely more of a side project. Not official in any way. I’m sure we’ll cover lots of MS stuff, but we also want to range beyond just what we do in our day jobs.

A good example is the Espruino discussion, or the question of whether to get the latest Kindle e-reader.

The current plan for next week’s show is to talk about Kickstarter…what it is, some cool ongoing Kickstarter projects that we’ve found and/or backed, as well as a look back at some of the projects that Pete and I have backed in the past.

Oh, and naturally FEZ Game-O is on the agenda for that show. :slight_smile:

Cool. It would be nice to add a Maker segment where you not only talk about commercial/Kickstarter projects but also highlight a project someone built in their garage.

Granted this is show is in beta still, it seems more like a couple of friends hanging out than a show.

Not that that is a problem.

Yea, I’m guessing it will evolve into something that’s kind of a mix of Deep Fried Bytes & Adafruit show & tell.

Not an inaccurate description, really.

I don’t think either of us intend for this to be some super-polished show like you’d see on TWiT, or something like that.

We love geeky stuff. We love talking about geeky stuff. We know other people love geeky stuff, so we hope they’ll tune in. Nothing more complicated than that. :smiley:

FWIW, though, we do plan to have guests for future shows, so it won’t always be just Pete and me. We wanted to get a couple shows under our belts first, though, to iron out the technical bugs.

Looking forward to future broadcasts!

Hey guys, good show, I just watched the YouTube recording. I like the tone and pacing of the show, looking forward to the next one.

Thanks! Appreciate the kind words.

FYI, Episode 1 will air live today at 3pm eastern time.

Please join us…we’ll be discussing all things Kickstarter (and other crowdfunding), including projects we’ve found and/or funded, cool goodies we’ve already received from our previous backing, and more.

The forum still doesn’t seem to want to let me embed the video, so here’s the URL:

BTW - we now have a name for the show…but you’ll have to tune in to find out what it is. :smiley:

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Finally got a chance to look at Episode 0. Awesome!

I didn’t go through all the comments and reply, but is it possible to have a some sort of transcript/list with the titles of the apps/projects/devices you have talked about during the show?

Never mind. I see it in the description.