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New tutorials and pointer page


This is basically not new, we have had tutorial and examples scattered everywhere on the wiki and in the ebook but it is not easy for newcomers to find. So, we have a new page the points out where everything is making it super easy for newbies to bind things or even for experts that need a quick cheat-sheet!

The page is controlled by GHI but the links are on wiki and so we are asking you to contribute. Anything is good, we or anyone else can then later modify it or enhance it.

Pages are very messy still but that is what is great about the wiki, everyone can chip in and help

So, what page will you help in cleaning up or adding contents? :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention that the ebook will be shrunk down to have fewer chapters. The book will be a quick C# and NETMF starting point. Basically keeping the first 4 chapter and deleting the rest. Why? Because it will be easier to translate with fewer chapters plus the advanced topics are not in their own dedicated tutorial on the wiki. This means we can always add new tutorials without the need to ever change the book.

Finally, we are still thinking about how to organize the tutorials for “file system”, “USB host” and “USB client” so please do not work on these just yet.


You guys keep cranking out products and material like this and I’m going to reach a new plain of microcontrolled nirvana! I’m game for pitching in on anything GPS related. Look forward to it!

[Edit] After reading through the new help format, I’m even more inspired! Nice job.


Below, 2 cell LiPo current testing…