New TinyCLR Question

Did not know the best place to post this question but here goes!

This is a general question. It is NOT about right or wrong with TinyCLR.

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 RC
FEZ Panda III Rev 1.3
USB connection to PC Universal Serial Bus devices G80
G80 Firmware.ghi

Pardon my ignorance.
I have to admit that I do not know how to use the TinyCLR Serial code.
It appears it (is/like) the Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication namespace for a Windows store app.

TinyCLR does not have System.IO.Ports that I always used in the past;

My question boils down to....
How do I create a simple Serial Port using the current TinyCLR?
Is it possible? Or for a later release?

(Using a valid Vid, Pid)
var selected = SerialDevice.GetDeviceSelector("COM5"); // Valid FTDI cable
An unhandled exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.dll occurred

Try/Catch: (Using a valid Vid, Pid)
GetDeviceSelectorFromUsbVidPid(0x0403, 0x6001)
Exception = System.NotSupportedException: Exception was thrown: System.NotSupportedException


By the way.
I know it was said that debugging does not work but I found that using Debug Step Into and Step Over help a lot!

@ willgeorge - The SerialCommunication namespace is used the same way it is in Windows Store apps. It does not currently support USB drives and can only use the onboard UART interfaces like you would with the old System.IO.Ports.

@ John -
Thank you for the reply.