New Text-To-Speech library

I haven’t seen mention of this yet here, so for those of you who’s FEZes have internet access…

Marco’s library also includes support for the full .NET framework.

I wonder if we could train EasyVR to recognize voice commands generated by this service… FEZes talking to each other? :o

lol, yeah that would be a very funny setup, FEZes talking to each other!

This would be a nice addition to Devhammer’s Hydrabot! A talking car…

But than he should rename it to HITT: [italic]Hydrabot Industries Two Thousand[/italic]

I hope this post doesn’t make me look old… :smiley:

Thank you Eric, I am going to try it this week, sounds great ! Just need to get a hand on my music shield :wink:

Last year I tried the voicebox shield ( ) but I was a little disappointed by the results (especially with non english languages).

I will let you know ;D

@ Mischa

LOL! Than I’d just need to add Pete Brown’s Larson Scanner to the front:

@ nicolas3 - This solution has plenty of different languages! Plenty of microsoft cloud power - it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get the wav file back. I’ve played around with the web version of the translator, and it’s very speedy.

I tried the API and it works great on a PC.

However, could not make Marco’s library work on the small Fez’s (panda, domino). Lack of memory !

This is the direct porting into .netmf of a .net library. This was probably made for another netmf device, like netduino, with a lot of memory.

However my curiosity is triggered, and I am trying right now to rewrite it in a simple way, with the “think small” (and simple) mantra in mind. Stay tuned ! :wink: