New stm32f427 based netmf board

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Bad URL. Here is correct:

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Well, I can’t read most of it but do I understand that it has both a STM32F427 and a PSOC5? That should make a pretty powerful SOM!

Yes and yes. I guess Lorenzo will soon post something in English.



Love the tralslate option in Chrome. Runs on Oberon’s Prime port.

For some reason Chrome doesn’t ask me to translate that site. It does most and usually works very well.

Didn’t try on PC but worked on my OnePlus One.

That Psoc chip looks incredibly flexible. I wonder what they were building that needed it.

PSoC (1,4,5) are the worlds best in configurable Analog, some of best specs for onchip ADC.

It will be interesting to implement a Analog (or Digital) function on the PSoC and then access
it from a NETMF application.

The Gadgeteer team already has an example of building a module using PSoC.

Lorenzo, please let us know more.


Happy Birthday! Lorenzo!

Hi everybody.

We just re-posted our latest blog post about brand new SO-DIMM bi-microcontroller .NETMF-based module, this time in english :slight_smile:

You can find it at following address:



Molto bene!

Do you have any photos or dimensions of the reference carrier board?

Yes, you can take a look to this image, were sizes are in millimeters: