New STM32, new Discovery

STM32F030, Cortex-M0 in TSSOP-20, roughly $1 in 100s. New discovery board, about $9.

When do we get to fit NETMF in 16k? :wink:


There are .NET Micro projects that uses the Cortex-M0 as a co-processor for the M4. Letting the big brother go to sleep to save power and only wakes it up when stuff needs to be processed. While the M4 sleeps, the M0 takes care of simple operations and watching the bus/sensors for events and such…

@ danibjor - got an example? :wink:

I think he is talking about the bambino board…

Yeah i guessed that…so i will rephrase the question…

Link to a working example :wink:

@ Justin - AGENT: The World's Smartest Watch by Secret Labs + House of Horology — Kickstarter

Actually, that was not using the Cortex-M0. But the concept is the same…

And there also are single chip M4/M0 units out there, like this one

But I guess no .NET MF running on them yet.

here you are:

@ Jay Jay - hmm, yea - but I do not want to write in C… With C, you get so much rope to hang yourself, makes it creapy just thinking about it.

So is the MM firmware ready and playing nice with C#

I guess my point is, nice hardware but the firmware is still lacking…