New SplitToArray function in GHI libs

  1. I’m thinking parsing an ASCII stream is a special function, only needed for ascii streaming hardware. it should be part of the GPS-Driver not part of the premium-libary.

2)there are many different MNEA messages to stream with many different values.
dose it make sense to parse a ‘HHMMSS.SSSS’ value to a 10 based float and then
calculate right angle.
3)my idea is spliting the byte stream in an array of byte[] and the user can encode first the byte[0] value to see the message and decide wich values are needed.

maybe we need some generally functions like



VB-Daniel - Parsing an ASCII stream is needed in lots of applications, including, any application that uses HTTP and HTML, websocket streams, and Pusher applications.

I like your .Parse(byte[]) methods. I think there should also be TryParse versions as well.

i created some code…

I wonder what the native vs managed performance delta is?

Hmmm, is there a native implementation that can parse a byte array delimited by an arbitrary pattern of bytes? That would be sweet . . . .

@ godefroi - have you seen this entry
Some interesting results.

Indeed I have, and I agree, very interesting!

@ jasdev - very interresting, very fast but for me native/RLP codeing is something for the
next year or maybe the year after… :slight_smile: