New SDK USB Drivers

Starting in the next SDK, we will have updated the USB drivers to default to WinUSB. The current NETMF Interface drivers will be included in the installer as legacy drivers, but they will not be used by default. If you have trouble with WinUSB, you can fall back to the legacy drivers.

Since USB drivers are so important to the SDK, we’d like to release them as a beta first to make sure everything is stable and solid. Please download and install the following based on whether your operating system is 32bit or 64bit and let us know about any problems or issues you encounter with them.



Thank you.


Can you please post couple snapshots showing the different drivers so we can tell of we have the Onley or new ones loaded?

Please also make sure to uninstall the old drivers first. The old and new installer have different product codes, so an upgrade is not possible. The boot loader serial driver has not changed in this upgrade.

is the driver release date correct? or is it off by a year??? it is set to 9/10/2012

The WinUSB drivers themselves were built last year, similar to how the old NETMF Interface drivers were built back in 2010. The installer was built and signing occurred just a few days ago, though.

@ John - Sorry, but I’m a little confused! Have the WinUSB drivers been updated? If we already use the WinUSB drivers from the previous release do we need to update? Thanks.

We never had an installer for the drivers but the driver is the same.

@ jasdev - If you have manually installed it before then nothing will change for you. Otherwise new installer will take care of it for you. :slight_smile:

@ jasdev - Architect is correct. These WinUSB drivers are exactly the same as the ones you can manually install in the current SDK. This installer just has proper code signing and will install WinUSB by default instead of you having to manually do it. If you are already using WinUSB, you don’t need to use this, but the more we have testing it, the better. Just incase a bug was introduced, we would want to find it before release.

Btw 64 bit installer worked fine for me on Win8 machine

@ Architect, @ John - Thanks!

x64 Win8.1 machine installed fine and appears working (simple deploys, have yet to do the disconnect-while-deploying trick)

Kind of works (Win8 64bit). However, if I have G120, EMX and G400 connected, I have to play and use various USB ports to make ALL them working.

@ Simon, what exactly do the devices not do when you have more than one plugged in when they’re not working?

VS and FEZConfig simply do not recognize them, although they all are present in Device Manager. It’s kind of weird, and I can’t find a reliable failure pattern. Sometimes some of the devices simply do not work. Although I suspect USB3 ports a little bit, but not sure… Or maybe it’s due to some kind of magnetic storm. These things happen :slight_smile:

Is it just happening when you have all three connected? G120, G400, EMX. Or can you get it to happen with any number and combination of devices? Are they plugged into USB3 ports?

It seems like the files are no longer available? I’m getting “file not found” for both links in the first message.

Correct, they’re in the SDK, this post was a couple of months old. If you’re having problems installing anything from you should start a new thread and there’ll be plenty of help (but check out this guide too )