New SDK is online, with RLP and tons of other features

@ Gus Will we need to ask for RLP as before or is it enabled for all to try?

Cheers Ian

Ian, see the very first post in this thread as well as the new docs. You have to sign an agreement with GHI to get the instructions to ‘unlock’ RLP.

Cheers Jeff. Thats no biggie I’ll send an email to the guy’s at GHI.



What is a Panda II?

I guess Panda I’s little brother! :whistle:

Can’t wait to get home to try some of this stuff out. But now I have to redo my CAN project :’( (Not that I wasn’t warned that would be the case )

RLP access agreement is online

Can’t find types USBH_Device and USBH_DeviceType…

After upgrading to latest SDK, I have deleted references of GHI assemblies and added them again.
My application still complaining about USBH_Device and USBH_DeviceType types.

What am I missing here?
I appreciate your help.

it is in GHIElectronics.NETMF.System.dll

Thanks Joe.

Can we incorporate Timer in RLP?

Would love to make advantage of the InternalFlashStorage of my Panda to store the state of my X10-controlled RGB-lightshelve. But is it me or is the download link to the Beta SDK hidden somewhere?


You have to be at least ranked a Junior in order to download one.

Yeah, once the SDK is release and no longer Beta, it will be available to all. Beta needs Junior rank.

Junior = 500+ exp :frowning: Look at my 10 points!! Ha ha
When can we expect this Beta to become official? I can’t imagine hitting the 500 point in the comming hour… so I’ll have to be patient I guess.

in two weeks i suppose…

Here’s a dumb question. Exactly how do you acquire experience points. I know that Gus sometimes awards points for things but are there other ways?


You get 10xp for every post/reply and you also get xp for posting code to fezzer

Yes, a good post on can be worth up to about 300 points. There seems to be a problem with fezzer awarding points right now, but they will probably have it fixed soon.

If you really want the SDK but you do not have enough experience points, please email GHI and ask for it and explain why you need it.

We keep it away from beginners to make life easier for their baby steps.