New Raptor - error during external ram initialization?

Booting up new Raptor for first time … little luck.

Have power plugged in to port 8. Power light comes on, on mainboard.

Tried multiple USB ports, 2.0 hubs, and other PC’s … none of which seemed to act as-if any USB device was being connected. (FWIW, same PC’s talk to a Spider with no issues.)

External power - no change.

Decided to see if I could update TinyBooter. Did the short the pins trick, and hit reset. that got me something … a USB device.

After a bit of futzing w/ run as administrator, etc … programG400 COM9 … updating will start and then fail. Log file says “Error during external ram initialization”. (Full log, below.)

Running out of troubleshooting ideas. :frowning:

Anything else to try, before concluding there’s an issue w/ the board?


-I- Waiting …
-I- TCL platform : Windows NT
-I- SAM-BA 2.12 on : windows
current connection is \USBserial\COM9, \USBserial\COM9 to be matched
-I- Retrieved arguments from command line :
-I- argv 0 : \USBserial\COM9
-I- argv 1 : at91sam9g15-ek
-I- argv 2 : G400TinyBooter.tcl
-I- Connection : \USBserial\COM9 (target(comType) = 0)
-I- Board : at91sam9g15-ek
-I- Traces Level : 4
-I- target(handle) : 65105344
Read device Chip ID at 0xfffff240 — get 0x819a05a1
-I- Found processor : at91sam9g15 (Chip ID : 0x819a05a1)
sourcing device file C:/Program Files (x86)/GHI Electronics/GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK/G400/Firmware/TinyBooter/sam-ba.exe/…/tcl_lib/devices/at91sam9g15.tcl
sourcing board description file C:/Program Files (x86)/GHI Electronics/GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK/G400/Firmware/TinyBooter/sam-ba.exe/…/tcl_lib/at91sam9g15-ek/at91sam9g15-ek.tcl
-I- Loading applet applet-lowlevelinit-sam9g15.bin at address 0x300000
-I- Memory Size : 0x0 bytes
-I- Buffer address : 0x4
-I- Buffer size: 0x0 bytes
-I- Applet initialization done
-I- Low level initialized
-I- External RAM Settings : extRamVdd=0, extRamType=1, extRamDataBusWidth=32, extDDRamModel=0
-I- External RAM Settings : extRamVdd=0, extRamType=1, extRamDataBusWidth=32, extDDRamModel=0
-I- Loading applet applet-extram-sam9g15.bin at address 0x300000
-E- Error during external RAM initialization.
-E- External RAM access is required to run applets.
-E- Connection abort

@ ZebTanner - Two questions for you:

  1. What are the specs of the external power supply are you using?
  2. When in normal mode, does anything show up in device manager?

Hey James,

Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. Using a 12V, 1A adapter [Although same behavior with/without.]

  2. In normal mode, nothing at all shows up. [Same on 2 computers now, one Win 7, one Win 8 … both work with my Spider.]

FWIW, just one other observation … in normal mode … behavior following a reset or power-up is inconsistent.

  • Usually just red power light comes on.
  • Sometimes … after short pause, blue LED lights solid
  • Have once seen blue LED solid… blue LED flash … blue LED solid

No matter the lights … never have seen any USB device show up in normal boot mode.

As one more effort to isolate possible causes … tried swapping the power board, and cables w/ the ones that work w/ the spider. No change. Raptor fails in exactly the same way.

@ ZebTanner - Please contact support via email with a description of your problems. We will get to work on an RMA as soon as you do. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Will do. Thx.