New Product - Mounting Boards from DevOnBoard

Hi All, been a while in the works and finally finished my pricing based on some measurements I needed to finish up this week.

I don’t have all of the info up in the store on the site yet, but here’s what I’m offering as “Stock” pieces currently:

I have designed a Uni-Mount layout that will let you mount your favorite board to a thickness of acrylic of your choice (3.5, 4.75 or 6.5mm) in the color of your choice from two different suppliers (Complete color list below). The mount has a single row of Gadgeteer spec mounting holes all the way around the edge and works with the following boards (from smallest to largest):

Mountaineer USB
Mountaineer Ethernet
FEZ Cerberus
FEZ Spider
NetDuino GO
FEZ Cerbuino Bee / FEZ Panda / NetDuino / NetDuino Plus / Arduino Mega R3 / Uno / Leonardo
FEZ Hydra

This mount measures 71mm by 95.5 mm, again available in 3 thicknesses - 3.5, 4.75 and 6.5mm (pic 1)
I also have this mount available as a solid grid option called the Uni-Grid (pic 2)

Prices start at $2.50 USD.

Edit: Costs and color/size availability are now updated online -

Now, here come the options.

I also have 5 (that’s right 5!) sizes of additional boards to choose from.

Size SMALL incorporates either a medium sized breadboard or grid to the right of the UniMount/UniGrid (pic3) 136mm x 95.5mm
Size MEDIUM incorporates a 27 x 19 grid below the SMALL board (pic4) 136mm x 191mm
Size LARGE incorporates a 14 x 38 grid to the left of the MEDIUM board (pic5) 201.5mm x 191mm
Size XLARGE incorporates another 14 x 38 grid to the RIGHT of the LARGE board (pic6) 267mm x 191mm
Size XX LARGE incorporates a monster 54 x 19 grid above the XLARGE board (pic7) 267mm x 276.5mm

Edit: Costs and color/size availability are now updated online -

Costs are as follows:

SM - Starting at $4 USD
MED - Starting at $7 USD
LG - Starting at $11 USD
XL - Starting at $15 USD
XXL - Starting at $22 USD

All of these are being cut and engraved on my CNC mill - I’m still in the process of building my laser cutter frame, but I would expect similar prices as either machine still has to cut the acrylic/HDPE/UMHW.

The machining time on the larger and thicker material really starts to add up - for instance, it takes just over an hour to cut the mounting holes out on an XXL board, then another 5 minutes to do the engraving.

I can add additional engraving text in the middle of the board mount area or above/below the breadboard mount area (see pic 8 to get an idea from an older design), or add an additional “dead” area with your text as shown in pic 9.

Price for engraving depends on the size of the extra space, but likely only $1-2 dollars per board extra. Engraving in an existing space is free, assuming it fits.

Colors available are:

Translucent - amber, blue (8 shades), cherry blossom (light pink), green, ivory, orange, pink, purple, red, white (31% light blocked), yellow
Fluorescent - blue, green, red, yellow
Transparent - bronze, gray
Opaque - black, blue, green, red, white, yellow

I also have some metallic/glitter embedded finish Translucent colors available. Add $1 per SM/MED/LG board and $2 per XL/XXL board for these colors:

Translucent Black with Silver Glitter
Translucent Blue with Royal Blue Glitter
Translucent Light Green with Sea Green Glitter
Translucent Medium Green with Dark Green Glitter
8 other Translucent colors w/ different sparkle colors (samples coming soon)

I also have some mirrored / metallic surface finish sheets on order, will need to test those with the engraving and see how they do. They may be slightly more expensive.

If you’d like to have your own custom layout made, just drop me a note. Also, I’ll shortly have an option for you to draw up your board and just send me the file to cut, just need to verify one thing tomorrow before I post instructions.

Additionally, I will have the fastener/standoff options priced out in the store tomorrow as well.

The pricing above is introductory pricing, good through 12/31. Prices are subject to change after that. I do also offer quantity discounts of the same or mixed combinations of the boards as well as the fasteners.

Please let me know if you have any questions - just shoot me an email to info at DevOnBoard dot com!



I am ready to order.

I’ll send up an assortment of colors and sizes for you and the team - can’t thank y’all enough for your hard work that makes everything the rest of us are doing possible!

Let me know if you want any specific sizes in specific colors.

Here’s a picture of the board in pic9 above that I’m using for my Rover projects. This is the opaque yellow board in 3.75mm.

Mounted from upper left to lower right are:

GHI MicroSD module
Seeed Compass module
Seeed Gyro module underneath GHI IR module
RansomHall’s MakeTracks GPS module
FEZ Cerberus
GHI Multicolor LED (had the OLED module mounted here earlier this week)
GHI UC Battery Pack module
Small bread board mounted with 4x #4-40 bolts and nuts on each side to hold it down - didn’t want to use the double sided tape to hold it in place on this board as it isn’t a permanent configuration yet. I was using this in conjunction with RansomHall’s MakeBread extender module to do some work with a servo, plugged in to Socket 4.

I also thought of a neat variation on the boards that I’ll post a diagram of later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for all of the interest on what I’ve posted so far and inquiries about custom boards. The response has been great!

I hope to have the store online late tonight for direct orders and in-stock/lead time information.

It would be sweet if you can show pictures of different colors.

@ stevepresley

Impressive choice! Hard to decide what I want now :wink:

Yep, just need to machine a few and I’ll put them up.

Thanks. I also have the EMX mounting boards on the near radar as well (and Cobra II as soon as I get one in my hands to double check the fit!).

Wow! Great job! Looking forward to the possibilities. I am guessing you will get a whole lot of custom work. Another option would be, in place of the breadboard, some kind of generic Gadgeteer .100 grid perf proto board with two or three Gadgeteer connectors about the same size as the breadboard. Also thinking about how to go three dimensional with stacking. Cables would have to wrap around the outside unless there were slots in the middle to pass the cables through. You better start hiring.
This thing is going to grow.

The stacking / cable routing is the idea I was thinking of last night. I’ll have a prototype posted tonight.

Hiring, heh, I wish :wink:

Shoot, if lived close, I would volunteer if I could “play” with a CNC mill and laser cutter :^)

Check out Dangerous Prototypes “Sick of Beige” compatible cases at Sick of Beige compatible cases - DP .
Thinking you could add some kind of clear cover that could have user interfaces attached. Unfortunately Dangerous Prototypes cases are targeted towards single PCBs and are way too small for a whole project of boards.

Wow, Steve! Too many choices…I’m going to have to think about this but I’ll definitely be placing an order before the weekend is up.

One question… I really like the idea of the last one that has “” on the lower tag. No offense but I’d rather mine say something else maybe the name of my blog or the name of the project that’s on the board. Is that space customizable or is “” standard?

How are you coming on making one that will fit in the blue GHI boxes? I could use a couple of those also. Having the box around the board would make it nicer for transporting to user group meetings.

@ stevepresley - Nice!

When will the website be updated? Looking forward to seeing more pics. :slight_smile:

That’s sort of the idea with the Uni-Mount (Mainboard only) and Uni-Grid (Grid the size of the mainboard) plates - you could stack them one atop of each other for the smallest foot print possible, without getting a custom board.

I can make “clear” plates too, I should figure up a cost on those as it would only be drilling the perimeter mounting holes, cutting out the profile and adding whatever engraving people want. They wouldn’t necessarily have to be clear though - can make them out of any color stock - some of the Translucent ones would be great for those pieces.

Yeah, a few more than when we had the Beta thread going.

As for the engraving, all of the “stock” boards will come with the engraving as pictured, I can add anything to it (or replace it) for $1 per SM/MED/LG or $2 per XL/XXL board. That cost would include adding the “kick out” or reducing the number of grid holes and replacing it with text if you want a “smooth” edge.

Also, I picked up some Acrylic paint today, going to try filling in the engraving paths with a contrasting color on a few test pieces so that the text/edge lines stand out a bit more.

I should have the site up tonight, but doubt I’ll have any additional pics until this weekend.

Are you still cutting these with your CNC or are you able to use your new laser?

On the Zenbot CNC, still haven’t finished the final design for the base for the laser and big CNC - last calculation, if I use structural tubing (steel or aluminum) , the frame itself is going to be about $600, but that’s for nearly a 6’x6’ cutting area. I am going to try and have it going by Jan 1st.

I may start another thread for the CNC laser/mill in off-topic as I’m sure people will be interested in it. I think I may end up offering a dual mill (laser and CNC) with a ~3’x4’ cutting area for sale once I get the design and cost worked out.

Do I understand correctly - you are using acrylic perforated board as the base material?

Is acrylic anti-static?